Réseau Thématique 4

Contenus, Connaissances et Interactions

Profils RT4

Abdessalem Talel

TPTINFRESData processing and computer science, web content extraction, data science, web science, data management, web mining, algorithms, distributed computing
Aissa el Bey Abdeldjalil

TBSignal et CommunicationsSignal processing, digital communications, wireless communications
Almansa Andres

TPTTSIimage processing, applied mathematics, computer vision, pattern recognition, satellite imagery
Angelini Elsa

TPTTSIImage processing, biomedical engineering, medical imaging
Antoine Zimmermann

Mines de Saint-ÉtienneISCODUne partie du département ISCOD de l'Institut Henri Fayol est concerné par le RT4. En particulier, ISCOD mène des recherches dans les domaines de la représentation des connaissances, du Web sémantique, de la recherche d'information, la fouille de texte et de données. ISCOD participe également au RT5.
Badeau Roland

TPTTSIProbabilistic modeling of nonstationary signals, audio signal processing, HR methods
Baudoin Emmanuel

TEMMMSAppropriation, learning, action, knowledge, enterprise
Blanchet Gérard

TPTTSISignal processing, PC architecture
Bloch Isabelle

TPTTSISpatial reasoning, image analysis, mathematical morphology, fuzzy information, medical image
Bothorel Cécile

TBLogique des Usages, SSISocial network analysis, community detection, multi-relational and time-evolving data learning, data visualization, recommendation systems, big data
Boubekeur Tamy

TPTTSIComputer graphics, geometry modeling and processing, rendering, computer vision, interaction, GPU
Boucher Jean-Marc

TBSignal et CommunicationsImage and signal processing, recognition
Boudy Jérôme

TSPEPHArtificial intelligence, bioinformatics, natural language &speech
Boutet Annabelle

TBLogique des Usages, SSICommunication sociology, usages sociology
Brisson Laurent

TBLogique des Usages, SSIInformation systems, databases, knowledge extraction, datawarehouse
Cagnazzo Marco

TPTTSIMultimedia signal processing, video compression, computer vision
Campedel Marine

TPTTSICognitive neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology, computer vision, information retrieval, pattern recognition, signal and image processing, knowledge representation
Cautis Bogdan

TPTINFRESsocial networks analysis, inferences, social network search, Web information extraction, fuzzy data, community detection, indexation
Charbit Maurice

TPTTSISignal processing, Digital communications, audio and speech processing, face tracking
Chiprianov Vanea

TBNow in uni ADELAIDEsoftware language engineering, computer science, software engineering, model driven engineering
Chollet Gérard

TPTTSIsignal analysis, natural language processing, signal processing, speech processing and recognition
Chonavel Thierry

TBSignal et Communicationstelecommunications, statistics, signal processing, wireless communications
Chourabi Olfa

TEMMMSbusiness process engineering, business process analysis and management
Clemencon Stéphane

TPTTSImachine intelligence, data analysis, stochastic models, statistical analysis, wireless sensor networks
Concolato Cyril

Telecom ParisTechTSIMultimedia, streaming,broadcasting, interactive applications, web technologies
Coppin Gilles

TBLogique des Usages, SSIhuman-computer interaction, machine learning, artificial intelligence, ergonomics
Cousin Eric

TBINFComputer Science, XML technologies, computer architecture, social networks, web2,0
Crampes Michel

Mines AlesLGI2PCommunity detection, data and knowledge analysis, data and knowledge visualization, semantic web , indexation, MOOCs
Daoudi Mohamed

TLLIFL3D Statistical shapes analysis, 3D object processing, face recognition/verification, activity recognition
David Bertrand

TPTTSIsignal processing, speech processing, machine learning, pattern recognition,
Debougrenet Jean-Louis

TBOptiqueoptical signal processing diffraction theory, interferometry and optical properties of liquid crystals with applications in telecoms and optics
Dessalles Jean-Louis

TPTINFREScognition, artificial intelligence, dialog,
Detienne Françoise

TPTSESCognitive Ergonomics, Cognitive Psychology, Human Factors
Dorizzi Bernadette

TSPEPHHandwriting Recognition, Biometric Identity Verification, Iris Identification, Face Recognition, 3D Identity Verification
Dray Gérard

Mines AlesLGI2PData mining, clustering, classification, TALN
Drira Hassen

TLLIFLpattern recognition, statistical analysis and recognition of 3D face, Biometric, expression recognition
Dufaux Frédéric

TPTTSIimage and video coding, JPEG, JPEG 2000, MPEG, image and video quality assessment, video surveillance, video analysis, computer vision, media security, and media transmission over wireless
Dufourd Jean-Claude

TPTTSImulti-screen applications, trans-media, interactive television, authoring, standards
Eagan James

TPTINFRESHCI, visualization, multi-surface interaction
El Yacoubi Mounim

TSPEPHMachine Learning, Computer Vision, Image and Video Processing, Human Behavior Classification, Biometrics &Video surveillance, Handwriting Recognition and Analysis
Ermine Jean-Louis

TEMDirection Scientifiqueinformation system management, knowledge management, innovation management
Essid Slim

TPTTSImachine learning for multimodal signal processing ; multimodal perception ; human activity and behaviour analysis ; EEG signal analysis ; audio, music and multimedia content analysis.
Evans Nicholas

Eurecomspeech and signal processing
Fablet Ronan

TBSignal et Communicationscomputer vision, temporal series, observation sequences, probabilistic models, variational models
Fetita Catalin

TSPARTEMISmedical imaging, mathematical morphology, Markov random fields and fractal hierarchical modeling for image segmentation, 3D reconstruction, 3D representation and interaction
Fracasso Bruno

TBOptiqueSynthetic holography, optics routing, optics network,
Garello René

TBITIstatistics, electrical engineering, wastewater treatment, radar systems, signal and image processing
Gilliot Jean-Marie

TBINFembedded systems, concurrency, dynamic adaptive systems, mobile learning
Gourvennec Bernard

TBLogique des Usages, SSIconsumers behavior, 3D web sites, strategic marketing
Gousseau Yann

TPTTSIImage processing, computer vision, mathematical modeling of natural images and textures, computational photography, stochastic geometry
Gravey Annie

TBINFBroadband Networks, Quality of Service, Traffic engineering, metro and access optical networks
Grenier Yves

TPTTSISignal processing, audio indexation, audio fingerprinting, information retrieval, time series modeling
Grisvard Olivier

TBLogique des Usages, SSIHCI, human factors, cognition, natural language processing, conceptual modeling
Gueriot Didier

TBITIsignal processing, neuron network, radar imagery
Guiard Yves

Hachem Walid

TPTCOMELECsignal processing, communication theory
Haralambous Yannis

TBINFText mining, natural language processing, digital typography and representation of text, electronic documents, internationalization of documents, character encodings
Heggarty Kevin

TBOptiquenon-display applications of spatial light modulators, diffractive micro-optical elements, optical telecommunications, optical information processing
Horain Patrick

TSPEPHcomputer vision, gesture acquisition, face perception, GPU computing, avatar animation
Huet Benoit

EurecomMultimedia Analysis and Processing, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining
Kanellos Ioannis

TBINFapplied semiology, interpretation theory, systems evaluation, virtual museums, semantics web, HCI
Kermarrec Yvon

TBLogique des Usages, SSIsoftware architecture, service description, indexation and composition
Ladjal Said

TPTTSIvariational methods for image processing, image restoration, super-resolution
Le Feuvre Jean

TPTTSImultimedia systems architecture, video coding, interactive multimedia
Lecolinet Eric

TPTINFRESHuman-computer interaction (HCI): interaction techniques, mobile interaction, tangible interfaces, tactile feedback, information visualization, GUI toolkits and architectures
Lecornu Laurent

TBITIinformation fusion, data quality
Lenca Phillipe

TBLogique des Usages, SSIsearch, HCI, decision systems, interest measures
Lethiais Virginie

TBDirection ScientifiqueInternet goods and services pricing, TIC usage, industrial economy
Licoppe Christian

TPTSESinterpersonal communication devices, mediated interactions, mediated encounters
Loridan-Baudrier Audrey

IMTDirection ScientifiqueEconomics of network industries, competition policy, regulation economics, firms strategies
Madec Gérard

TBITIdigital video, video compression, MPEG, network
Maitre Henri

TPTDirection Scientifiquesatellite imaging, indexing, search, image analysis, knowledge representation
Mathieu Yves

TPTCOMELECembedded systems, FPGA, reconfigurable computing,VHDL, digital design
Memari Pooran

TPTTSIalgorithmic and discrete geometry, mesh optimization, surface reconstruction, medical imaging, triangulation, discrete metrics, topology
Mercier Grégoire

TBITIremote sensing image compression and segmentation, hyperspectral and Synthetic Aperture Radar
Mitrea Mihai

TSPARTEMISnatural information source modeling (natural language, still image, video) and data enrichment (cryptography, robust watermarking, multimedia interactivity &adaptively)
Moga Sorin

TBLogique des Usages, SSIdata science, natural language processing, machine learning, computational intelligence, information extraction, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence
Montagner Julien

TBITInumerical analysis, algorithms
Motte Nathalie

IMTDirection Scientifique
Nicolas Jean-Marie

TPTTSIsatellite imagery, recognition
Pastor Dominique

TBSignal et Communicationssignal processing, biomedical signal processing, robust statistics, random process, wavelet
Patrick Meyer

Télécom BretagneLUSSIOperational Research, Multicriteria Decision Aid, Preference modelling and elicitation, Geographical Information Systems
Pelachaud Catherine

TPTTSIemotions, non-verbal communication, animation
Pesquet-Popescu Béatrice

TPTTSIwireless communications, digital signal processing, information theory, electronics and communication engineering
Petrovska Dijana

TSPEPHtelecommunications, computer vision, machine learning, human-computer interaction, signal processing
Petrowski Alain

TSPRS2MComputational intelligence, machine learning, metaheuristics, decision models
Plantié Michel

Mines AlesLGI2PCommunity detection, Social Networks research, Data/text and Opinion mining, clustering/classification, TALN, data and knowledge visualization.
Preda Marius

TSPARTEMISAugmented Reality, 3D graphics, video compression, standards, mobile games, image compression
Puentes John

TBITImedical practice support, image indexing, telemedicine, medical information processing, multimedia medical information systems
Ranwez Sylvie

Mines AlesLGI2POnthology, knowledge representation, indexation, data research, semanti distance measures, visualization and interaction
Richard Gael

TPTTSIaudio indexing and synthesis, Audio segmentation, Audio Coding and 3D Audio, Speech processing, Speech analysis
Roblin Christophe

TPTCOMELECbackscattering , radio channel, UWB antennas, WBAN propagation channel
Rougon Nicolas

TSPARTEMISDigital image science and technologies : computer vision, medical imaging, multimedia engineering.
Roux Michel

TPTTSIdatabases, maps, image analysis
Sadek David

IMTDirection Scientifique
Senellart Pierre

TPTINFRESDatabases, Web, Artificial intelligence
Septier Francois

TLLAGISStatistical Signal Processing, Monte Carlo methods, Particle Filter, Markov chain Monte Carlo, Multi-target Tracking, Cluster tracking, Video, Radar, Digital communications
Sigelle Marc

TPTTSIprobability theory, stochastic processes, stochastic models
Solaiman Basel

TBITImedical imaging, satellite imaging, telecommunications
Sozio Mauro

TPTINFRESsocial media, data mining, databases, distributed and parallel computing, social network analysis
Tchamkerten Aslan

TPTCOMELECData analysis, design and analysis of communication algorithms
Tierny Julien

TPTTSIsignal, image and video processing, computer graphics, scientific illustration and animation, topological and geometrical analysis of spatial data
Troncy Raphael

EurecomMultimedia Semantics, Semantic Web, Ontology Modeling, Ontology Alignment, Metadata Interoperability
Trousset François

Mines AlesLGI2PTALN, Thematic segmentation, Opinion mining, operation systems
Tupin Florence

TPTTSIdenoising, classification, segmentation, pattern recognition, 3D reconstruction, remote sensing, SAR imagery, radargrammetry
Vandeborre Jean-Philippe

TLLIFL3D models indexing and analysis
Waldeck Roger

TBLogique des Usages, SSIComplex Systems, Agent-based Computational Economics, Game Theory and Decision Theory, Econophysics, Behavioral Economics, Evolutionary Economics, Computational Economics
Zaharia Titus

TSPARTEMISSocial Media, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Social Network Analysis, E-Learning, Image Processing, Data Visualization, Signal Processing
Zhang Daqiang

TSPvisiting professorSocial Media, Wireless Sensor Network, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing, Context-Awareness
Eterradossi Olivier

Mines AlèsC2MAResearch on appearance engineering of materials using multidimensional / big data. Data processing, data visualization, “fingerprints”. Visual properties, tactile properties, perceived quality, distance/similarity relations between materials, processes or environments in both instrumental (physical), sensory and semantic spaces. Automotive, cosmetics and luxury industries.